Management Consulting

Expertise and leadership to help you hit your goals.

Our Approach

We support companies of all sizes in setting their strategic direction and creating the plans and teams to deliver the results they need.  We also help organizations understand their customers and potential markets, launch business development efforts, form new partnerships and provide interim executive support.


We help CEOs and their leadership teams accomplish key projects to drive growth in revenue, profitability and company valuation.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Interim Executive Services
  • M&A Transactions and Integrations
  • Market and Customer Assessment
  • Corporate Communication
  • Business Development
  • Partnership Development
  • Organization Strategy
  • Succession Planning   


We have worked in a wide variety of markets, including:

  • Digital Media
  • Content Syndication and Licensing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Consumer Retail Marketing
  • Direct Marketing Services
  • Direct Response TV Advertising
  • Database Aggregation
  • Early-stage Startups
  • Growth-stage Startups
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Technology Consulting
  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Hotel Management
  • Senior Living Communities


  • PE-backed growth-stage start-up providing Software-as-a-Service and content databases for electronic retailers
  • PE-backed web and television advertising buying service developing a long-term strategic plan
  • Family-owned international K-12 education company
  • VC-backed early-stage start-up launching a consumer healthcare marketplace
  • VC-backed fantasy sports application company
  • VC-backed concept-stage start-up developing a group-buying marketplace


Johan Advisors has assisted companies of all sizes in a variety of ways, including:

  • Interim COO - led a 14-person startup during the launch of its consumer health-marketplace website.
  • Interim Corporate Development Leader - served as interim corporate development head to assist a PE-backed client in raising a $43 million round, completing an acquisition and beginning the integration process.
  • Strategic Planning - developed a competitive assessment and five-year strategic plan for a major provider of web and TV advertising services.
  • Strategic Planning - prepared board presentation to justify additional investment in digital services for a family-owned K-12 education company.
  • Market Assessment - conducted an assessment of consumer market segments and potential marketing vehicles for an early-stage start-up developing a fantasy sports app.