Executive Coaching

Helping leaders maximize their positive impact

Our Approach

We help leaders see themselves and their world from new perspectives, so they can design better options and lead with greater ease.

Executive Coaching helps you develop the awareness, focus, commitment and urgency you need to deliver “next-level” results.

We do this with strict confidentiality and the fewest buzzwords possible.

Our clients are successful executives who want to get even better results and become better leaders and colleagues.

Our approach is based on real-world experience. As a corporate executive, Jay Fehnel helped more than 25 colleagues develop their skills to take on new roles at the GM, VP, SVP, COO, CTO, President and CEO levels. Jay now coaches senior executives in many industries to achieve their next-level goals.

We meet with clients at their offices, at off-site locations or via phone and video conversations.


We serve executive-level leaders, their direct reports and their high-potential successors to achieve these goals:

  • Executive Leadership Development

  • High-potential Development

  • Executive Presence and Communication

  • On-boarding

  • Performance Appraisal (360's)

  • Personality Assessment

  • Reputation Assessment

  • Performance Improvement

  • Team Development

  • Board and Investor Relations


As your executive coach, our goal is to help you achieve the impact you want to have. The coaching process will help you learn how to: 

  1. Understand yourself: Know your style, your goals and motivations.

  2. Appreciate your impact on others: Get a clearer view of how you are perceived by others and how you could be a better colleague.

  3. Analyze your situation: Understand your current environment, the major players, issues, challenges and opportunities.

  4. Set development goals: Get focused on what you want to accomplish in your professional and personal life.

  5. Try new approaches: Create experiments to test new ways of managing yourself, relating to others and building new habits.

  6. Monitor your success: Be accountable for taking the right steps to achieve your goals.

  7. Make adjustments: Become a lifelong learner, who understands when it’s time to adjust your approach or set new goals.

Our mission is to help you learn how to become your own coach and to demonstrate coaching approaches for your team.


Jay Fehnel holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for meeting advanced levels of coach training and coaching hours.

Jay is a graduate of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching certificate program. This selective, ICF-accredited, 8-month program includes 150 hours of classroom training, supplemented with 30 hours of coaching supervision.

Jay is certified to administer and interpret the most widely used tools for executive assessment, the Hogan Lead Series and Hogan 360. The Hogan Lead Series includes the Hogan Personality Index (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI).

Jay is also certified to administer the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA), Leadership Impact Report (LIR) and Individual Directions Inventory (IDI), three executive assessments developed by Management Research Group (MRG).


"Working with Jay was a wonderful growth opportunity for me both professionally and personally.  He has an uncanny ability to ask exactly the right questions, which helped me better understand my own thinking as well as the issues I was facing. His deep understanding of frameworks allowed me to encounter problems in a new way and think more strategically about how to solve issues.  Jay's demeanor is calm and friendly, but he utilizes every minute together to ensure we are doing the work. Working with Jay has bettered me as a leader and, in turn, strengthened my organization." - J.M, Founder and Chief Program Officer

“The most transformative aspect of the coaching engagement for me was to get connected back to myself. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a manager that I felt truly cared about what was important to me — and through the coaching process I realized that I’m perfectly equipped to be that person for myself. That has been profound and has expanded the concept of the type of leader I believe I can be.” - M.K., Group Vice President, Finance

“Jay’s style was a perfect fit for me.  Jay was great at asking the thought provoking questions that would challenge me to get out of my comfort zone. His approach helped open my mind to new ways of thinking and approaches.  He was very instrumental in helping me gain confidence in my abilities and potential.” - J.D., Corporate VP/Head of Workforce Planning

“Jay Fehnel is an outstanding coach and mentor. He brings an objectivity and passion to the role that makes his client want to succeed—not for him but with him. Jay’s thought-provoking questions drive introspective insights; those insights lead to breakthroughs.” - D.S., Corporate VP/Assistant General Counsel

"By creating awareness and repeating tactics I learned from Jay, my ability to quickly switch modalities from people developer to negotiator to trusted advisor to subject matter expert improved. I am a more dynamic leader when I am adaptable to the varied needs of my role and focus more clearly on the right priorities at the right time." - A.D., Consulting Portfolio Leader

"I really appreciated you being a thought partner who helped me figure out where I wanted to go from a career perspective.  You also provided great tangible advice on how to improve my leadership without making sweeping changes. Working with you really helped to build my confidence and prepared me to take on a new and challenging role. I loved that you were an advocate for me and my career." - M.W., Consulting Practice Director

"What I am most proud of is accomplishing my goal. I set out to change the perception others had of me: not being a team player and always being negative. By the end of my coaching sessions I felt a much stronger connection to co-workers and felt that the team held me in a higher regard than they had before." - M.K., Corporate Services Director


  • CEO of a health-care provider

  • President & Founder of a software company

  • President of a packaged-foods producer

  • President of an independent, non-profit graduate school

  • COO of a PE-owned sporting goods company

  • CFO of a natural-foods company

  • CFO/CTO of a VC-backed education-services company

  • CIO of a publicly traded utility company

  • CRO of a PE-backed cloud-services company

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer of a baked-goods company

  • Chief Program Officer and Founder of a non-profit education organization

  • Managing Director & GM of International for a PE-owned, CPG company

  • Managing Director for a boutique investment bank

  • SVP, Product for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company

  • SVP, Strategy & Operations for a food company

  • SVP, Field Operations for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company

  • Associate Dean for one of the largest community colleges in the US

  • Global VP of IT for a Fortune 500 international hotel firm

  • Group VP of Financial Planning for Fortune 150 retailer

  • Group VP of Logistics for $24B retailer

  • VP, Software Engineering for Fortune 20 retailer

  • VP, Workforce Management for major health insurance provider

  • VP, Partner Development for a Fortune 100 investment bank

  • VP, Policy and Research for the Federal Reserve Bank

  • VP, Manufacturing for a baked-goods company

  • VP, Marketing for natural foods company

  • VP, Talent Acquisition for a consumer media company

  • VP, Sales for natural foods company

  • VP, Finance for CPG company

  • VP, Tax for a Family Office

  • VP, Procurement for food products company

  • Deputy General Counsel for a large industrial services company

  • Senior Director for a professional services partnership

  • Succession candidate for Senior Director role at an employee-owned consulting firm

  • Portfolio Business Development Leader for a professional services firm


We provide a range of coaching services including:

  • Focused Development: define and address high-priority issues.

  • Standard Development: create a full professional development action plan and monitor implementation. Includes 360 assessment and limited stakeholder interviews.

  • Premium Development: create a full professional development action plan and monitor implementation. Includes extensive interviews with key stakeholders, development of role expectations, multiple performance- and personality-assessment tools. Coach available to attend corporate events, as requested. Unlimited phone coaching to discuss issues as they develop.

  • Custom Development: meet unique development needs and timelines with a plan customized for you or your team.

  • Team Development: build your team's effectiveness with half-, full- and multi-day sessions to improve team understanding, communication, productivity and engagement.

Individual coaching is offered in-person in the Chicago area or by phone and video conference.